Lindy McDaniel

On July 24 of this year, the Dodgers beat the Mets 3-2 by scoring a run in the bottom of the thirteenth inning.  The Dodgers had used eight relief pitchers over the final eight innings.  They were now out of pitcher and were going to use first baseman James Loney in relief if the game had continued.  The Dodgers were then worried about the relief staff being overworked and tired.  
Compare this to a game on August 4 1973 where the Yankees beat the Tigers 3-2 in fourteen innings.  Starter , Fritz Peterson left the game after the first inning with a sore thigh muscle.  Lindy McDaniel came on in relief in the second inning.  McDaniel then pitched the next thirteen innings allowing only six hits and was the winning pitcher.  If the game had continued, McDaniel might have continued.
McDaniel was originally a starting pitcher and won fifteen games in 1957 for the St Louis Cardinals. His younger brother, Von, also pitched on that team. Lindy was switched to relief in 1959. In his seventeen years as a relief pitcher, he topped one hundred innings eight times, pitching in as many as seventy-one games while playing for the Cardinals, Cubs, Giants, Yankees and Royals.  In 1970, when he had twenty-nine saves for the Yankees, he pitched 111.2 innings.  Compare this with today’s closers pitching one inning or less. Today’s closers would never come in during a bases loaded situation in the seventh inning.  How times have changed.


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