Pedro Feliciano vs Dick Radatz
Pedro Feliciano vs Dick Radatz

Pedro Feliciano Is leading the Majors in games Pitched with 57.  He has thrown a total of 40.1 innings in those games

Let’s compare this to a seventeen day stretch by Dick Radatz, relief pitcher  for the Red Sox,  in 1963.

June 9 vs Baltimore: Pitches the last six innings of a fourteen inning game and strikes out ten as the Red Sox beat the Orioles 3-2.

Jun 11 vs Detroit: Pitches the last 8.2 innings in relief and strikes out eleven as the Red Sox beat the Tigers 7-3 in fifteen innings.

Jun 14 vs Baltimore: Pitches two shutout innings.

Jun 16 vs Baltimore: Pitches three innings in the second game and strikes out four.

Jun 20 vs Tigers: Pitches three shutout innings and strikes out 5.

Jun 21 vs New York: One shutout inning, one strikeout.

Jun 22 vs New York: First game, 2.1 innings, three strikeouts. Second
game, two shutout innings, two strikeouts.

Jun 25 vs Cleveland: First game, 1.2 innings, four strikeouts and a save. Second game, 1.2 innings, three strikeouts and a save.

That’s over thirty-one innings in seventeen days.

Dick Radatz was the difference between the Red Sox and a close cellar finish back then. His arm burned out too soon, but what a relief pitcher he was from 1962-64.

Tom Zocco


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