Designated Hitter

While going through the baseball statistics, this morning, I took a look at the top home run totals for designated hitters in the American League and wondered what their totals would be if they had to play in the National League.  David Ortiz leads the list with 24.  If he had to play in the National League, he would not be an every day player and would have 10 at best.  Vlad Guerrero has 21 and is slowing down.  If he had to play a regular position, he would have around 12.  Luke Scott has 21.  Would he be an every day player?  Possibly maybe his totals would be around the same.  Jose Guillen has 16 and could probably hold his own.  Adam Lind with 16 would have a few less in the National League.  Jim Thome with 15 would be a pinch hitter and would have around 3.  When he played for the Dodgers last year, he did not hit any in 17 pinch hit appearances, the only games he played in as a Dodger.  Russell Branyan with 14, could do the same or better in the National League, as he showed his power in one season there.  Hideki Matsui with 14 could not play many games in the National League and would have maybe half that.  It is time to get rid of the designated hitter.  If you are not good enough to play a position, you are a welfare case.


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