Gaylord Perry

During 2007 in separate games, Roy Halladay pitching for the Toronto Blue Jays and Aaron Harang pitching for the Cincinnati Reds pitched 10 innings in a game.  This has not been accomplished since.
Often, a pitcher will be taken out as early as the sixth inning, if the first batter in that inning gets on base.  It will take from three to five pitchers to finish the game.
In 1962, Gaylord Perry came on in relief for the San Francisco Giants in the thirteenth inning, in a game against the New York Mets.  He pitched the final 10 innings in relief and the Giants won the game 8-6 in 23 innings.  Did this ruin his arm?  He went on to win 20 games in a season 5 times.  He pitched 300 or more innings 5 times and won the Cy Young award in both leagues.
He is the last National League pitcher to throw 15 or more innings in a game, hurling 16  against the Cincinnati Reds in 1967.  Who is the last pitcher to pitch as many as 15 innings in a game in the American League?   Answer, Gaylord Perry.  Perry did it for the Cleveland Indians in 1974. Perry pitched 10 or more innings in a game 36 times during his career!  He did it at least twice for the Giants, Indians, Texas Rangers, San Diego Padres and Seattle Mariners.  Each team was not afraid to use him in extra innings.   What did Perry do to keep his arm in shape?  It would b interesting to see the pitch counts in each of his extra inning games. Today’s pitchers are bigger and stronger.  Why do they spend more time on the disabled list?  If they are pitching less innings, they should be spending less time on the disabled list.

Tom Zocco



  1. zocman

    Actually, he did not pitch in the twenty-third inning. He threw 10 scoreless innings and was taken out after the twenty-second inning.

  2. Emma

    Interesting Tom. pitchers are being pampered more and still you see so many of them go on the DL. I hate to think of steroids when I see the words bigger and stronger because I like to give them the benefit of the doubt.
    -Emma a little sleepy after having to get up too early this morn.

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