Mickey McDermott

Maurice “Mickey” McDermott was a  hard throwing left handed pitcher from 1948-1961 for six different teams.
7/13/51 McDermott pitched the first seventeen innings in a nineteen
inning game for the Boston Red Sox .  Two weeks later 7/28/51 McDermott
pitched sixteen innings in a game and struck out fifteen.
  Did this
ruin his arm?  Two years later, McDermott had his best season going
18-10 for the Boston Red Sox.  He pitched 10 innings in two of those
wins.  In one of his victories, that season, McDermott had
four hits and scored three runs as he defeated the World Champion, New
York Yankees.
 Although this was a very good season, McDermott, a
free spirit, insulted Jean Yawkey, wife of owner Tom Yawkey.  He was
traded to the Washington Senators several months after the season ended.
The deal turned out to be a good one tor the Red Sox, as they received
Jackie Jensen in the trade.  Jensen had five seasons where he drove in
100 or more runs for the  Red Sox.
 McDermott  slipped to 7-15  for the Senators in 1954 and won ten 10 games for the them  in 1955
 Traded to the New York Yankees he pitched for the World Champion Yankees in 1956.
  After bouncing around with three teams after that, his career ended with a 69-69 won lost record.
 Besides his 4 hit game in 1953, McDermott had three hits in a game on seven other occasions during his career.
 What could McDermott have done had he taken life seriously.

Tom Zocco


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