2015 Red Ruffing Award

Hall of fame pitcher Red Ruffing was a very good hitting pitcher and topped .300 eight times. The Yankees often used Ruffing as a pinch-hitter. Ruffing has more career pinch-hits than any other Yankee. Here are the final stats for the 2015 Red Ruffing Award qualifiers:

Madison Bumgarner San Francisco 9
Zack Greinke Los Angeles(N) 8
James Shields San Diego 7
Jason Hammel Chicago(N) 6
Kyle Kendrick Colorado 6
Jon Lester Chicago(N) 6
Tyson Ross San Diego 6
Madison Bumgarner San Francisco 19
Zack Greinke Los Angeles(N) 15
Max Scherzer Washington 15
Tyson Ross San Diego 14
Jake Arrieta Chicago(N) 12
Ian Kennedy San Diego 3
Mike Leake Cinn-SF 3
Jake Arrieta Chicago(N) 1
Raisel Iglesias Cincinnati 1
Michael Lorenzen Cincinnati 1
Tyson Ross San Diego 1
Josh Smith Cincinnati 1
Home Runs
Madison Bumgarner San Francisco 5
Jake Arrieta Chicago(N) 2
Zack Greinke Los Angeles(N) 2
Mike Leake Cinn-SF 2
Runs Batted in
Madison Bumgarner San Francisco 9
Mike Leake Cinn-SF 8
Matt Harvey New York(N) 7
Jeremy Hellickson Arizona 7
Francisco Liriano Pittsburgh 7
Bases On Balls
Brett Anderson Los Angeles(N) 5
Dan Haren Miami-Chicago(N) 5
Jon Niese New York(N) 5
Chad Bettis Colorado 4
John Lackey St Louis 4
Shelby Miller Atlanta 4
Michael Wacha St Louis 4
Alex Wood Atlanta-LA(N) 4
Stolen Bases
Zack Greinke Los Angeles(N) 1
Michael Wacha St Louis 1
Batting Average
Taylor Jungmann Milwaulee .270
Tyson Ross San Diego .250
Michael Lorenzen Cincinnati .250
Madison Bumgarner San Francisco .247
Kyle Lohse Milwaulee .231
On Base Percentage
Taylor Jungmann Milwaulee .289
Tyson Ross San Diego .283
Jeremy Hellickson San Diego .283
Madison Bumgarner San Francisco .275
Doug Fister Washington .273
Slugging Percentage
Madison Bumgarner San Francisco .468
Tyson Ross San Diego .357
Zack Greinke Los Angeles(N) .343
Jake Peavy San Francisco .333
Taylor Jungmann Milwaulee .324
Madison Bumgarner San Francisco .743
Tyson Ross San Diego .640
Taylor Jungmann Milwaulee .614
Michael Lorenzen Cincinnati .576
Zack Greinke Los Angeles(N) .575
Sacrifice Hits
Julio Teheran Atlanta 14
Tom Koehler Miami 12
Shelby Miller Atlanta 11
Gio Gonzalez Washington 10
Dan Haren Miami-Chicago(N) 10
Mat Latos Miami-LA(N)-LA(A) 10
Hit By Pitch
Gio Gonzalez Washington 2
Jeremy Hellickson Arizona 2
Julio Teheran Atlanta 68 9 0.132
Chris Rusin Colorado 50 7 0.140
Matt Whisler Atlanta 36 6 0.166
Zack Greinke Los Angeles(N) 77 14 0.181
Johnny Cueto Cincinnati 43 10 0.232
Madison Bumgarner San Francisco

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